The Beginning of Letters + Stories:

Back in the summer of 2013, we ran into each other at the Starbucks below the university library. We came up with an idea that day, and two years later this idea has become Letters + Stories. Being the lively but mostly quiet people that we are, our intention is not to make a point or shine the spotlight on us. Instead, it is our hope to record stories of characters who have appeared in our lives and to document these brief encounters. Letters + Stories is simply memoirs of ordinary people with ordinary lives, whose stories would otherwise go unheard. So now we begin this journey of laughter, tears, fear, and most importantly hope.

In these writings, you might see your grandparents, your neighbor, or the kid who sits by himself in the cafeteria. You might even see yourself. But in the end, we are really just trying to be as organic and raw and subjective as we can. Most of these entries will not have an ending, because the stories continue on. Then there are the ones that do tell an end. For these, we honor them with our memories and remember them with words.

One day, we'd like to compile everything into a book. Who really knows.