We just wanted to observe a moment of silence in remembrance of September 11th. I don’t think either of us realized the gravity of the news in 2001, when we were pulled out of our classrooms by our grief-stricken grade school teachers. It definitely didn’t make much sense at the time; it all felt too unrelated. But now, without any adult having to point it out, the air already feels denser, the clouds seem darker, and our hearts have become heavier.

This is not for the downfall of two of the greatest buildings ever built. Nor is this for America even. But we want this to be for the lives lost, some innocent and some not, on this day 15 years ago. And for their families who are placing flowers upon gravestones today, still grieving while the rest of us have already settled back down into our lives.

For the rest of us, tragedies come and go. But really, for others, tragedies simply come, they never go. And so, this one is for all people of tragedies, to tell them that we haven’t forgotten them yet.


- Kathy and Esther