My Dear Friend Roslyn,

I walked into one of those trying-too-hard-to-be-cute places and got this postcard. The shop owner told me that I could leave this note there on the wall, but he would only guarantee one year because that was when his lease would be over. After thinking for a really long time about who to send this to, I decided that it’s the most fitting and perfect to send it to you. I wanted to tell you that I couldn’t go into Tibet this time. And every time I tried to send you, or anyone for that matter, a casual message about it, I simply couldn't. Because telling just one person would make it a fact, and would make me a failure. It’s still hard to accept this; it’s hard to think about all that could’ve been possible, but somehow didn’t work out. Maybe – probably – by the will of the living God that we serve. And this is something I keep having to remind myself. So, it’s okay. And I hope you are well.




Image: Fenghuang, Hunan (where this postcard was written)