Happy birthday to my co-writer, my soul sister, my roommate of four years, and my forever forever friend.


This isn't a story about her; that story will happen when she gets married to her scrub. But this morning, Facebook reminded me - not that I needed it - Esther and I have been friends for six years. As I glanced at the photos Facebook chose to display from all these years, starting from this day six years ago when I accepted her friend request, I had one of those weird moments where I had to convince myself time has ran past me. But time has been good to us. From when she ditched me at a sketchy gas station to when we absolutely had to have "vent time" in the middle of winter on this actual vent (pun fully intended) that has carried all our secrets and boy sadness throughout these years. 

Every year, we take a photo together on Esther's birthday - with our fingers held up to indicate the number of years it has been. But that photo will be delayed this year. Instead, here is a photo of us with a board that originally had the word "nations" on it. Unfortunately, the word got cut off, but it's whatever. Because in the end, our love for the nations will always be that one thing that secures our friendship. So, happy birthday and happy friendaversary Esther!

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