The Old Photograhy

Our good friend Ivy has been roaming around India and she made an instagram post yesterday that we just have to share. So, here's a photo of the photograph man. Enjoy.

"Photo?" He asked me as I rushed past him, dodging the vendors flocking toward us due to the color of our skin (mostly Wendy's). He was a man with an 1860's box camera and a bucket of developer, eager to take my portrait.

"100 rupees, two minutes!" He pulled out an album of black and white photos he had taken with the same camera, all so very lovely. Oh why not, I'm a sucker for film.

He proceeded to take my picture and develop it enthusiastically, pausing every now and then to pose for me as I filmed him on my camera. Two minutes became twenty as we communicated in broken English with the help of his nephew, who wanted to be just like his uncle one day - taking photos and creating memories for strangers on the street. He proudly showed us the workings of his camera and even some newspaper clippings of himself from the la times. It was so special to see his passion for photography and how generous he was in sharing it with others.

A buck fifty is a small price to pay for a photo, let alone to be inspired by someone like him.

The Old Photography