Wearing the Loveliest Perfume

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Sometimes, if such a gift is given to us, we meet others that uncannily remind us of ourselves. On some occasions, it feels like a refreshing glass of cold water in the summer heat, and other times it sneaks upon us like passing whiffs of the loveliest perfume: both undoubtedly present and good for the senses. When we share with these people, we see ourselves. When we care for and listen to these people, we also care for and hear ourselves. How great it is to feel known!  

I wish this for all of us: to treasure this kind of connection, to learn more to understand, and to experience something sweet for the soul, multiplied. -Sharon

My Dear Friend,

Recently, you have dimmed into quite the glimmer. I understand the complexity, and the tire of the season.

I suspect you may have forgotten how to give yourself credit. It’s hard not to take ourselves quite so seriously sometimes. You are beautiful, though, and much more than that, you are strong, and brilliant.

Friend, it’s okay to feel a loss of direction or frustration as of late. Allow your arms and legs to feel heavier than usual. It is easy for us to see our own flaws, and much, much easier to just try to ignore them. Let your soul feel the extra weight, and enjoy the feeling of the sheets on your bed, and curl up, noting the feeling for a time when this will pass.

I always prize your time with me. Do you know that I am filled with joy when you let slip a grin, ear-to-ear? I wonder if you know that I notice. When I see you, radiant, I am filled with a warmth because of your kindness to all people and things, including me. Your style is so true to who you are, and I admire the care that goes into your pieces, and into your words, and into your choices.

Friend, you are ambitious as much as you are brave. Do you know that I also talk myself out of and often belittle my own bravery? It’s okay to fear what we don’t know, yet long for something greater than this, now. We each know the gravities in the history of our fears. Interrogate the size of them and stand taller, because we know we will continue to move. There is grace for mistakes, in abundance for us and for others, and there is always time for questions. There better also be time for hugs, you understand, right? 

Don’t mind so much the stares of others; we have our own focal points in different seasons of our lives. If we are blessed, others may need an example for where they are right now. Don't let others try to push you into a box, but try not to find yourself in one as well. They may not even realize they are looking out from one. Let us example graciously, and bravely.

I want you to succeed, and I’m excited, because I believe you will to me. Hopefully you will think so too, even though we don’t know the specifics yet. As much as I’d like to, I think we both agree that we don’t need to know now. 

I strive with you in continuing to discover, because we know that discovery leads to wonder and awe. And it is fun. After all, for now we may only see dimly, as if in a mirror, and we may be discouraged, but we hope and look forward one day to seeing in full. If anything, we expect it.



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